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The Four-Dimensional Human and e-Learning.

The Four-Dimensional Human and e-Learning.

In the Sunday Times ‘Thought book of the Year’ Laurence Scott looks at some of the consequences for us as we head deeper into a digital life. It’s a fascinating read and has implications for how we learn on-line. As we spend less time in the 3D world and enter the virtual world,  time and place take on a different perspective. Less and less we’re in the here and now.  How does this effect on-line training of the soft skills that are required for the real work place.

I was recently talking to an HR director from the public sector who was looking for some soft skills training. In his organisation it tended to be people who had been there the longest who became managers and some of these weren’t noted for their people skills. This HR Director was looking for some media that would encourage his managers to say good morning and generally acknowledge their staff! In a heads-down-to-the-screen culture some basic people skills may not be so obvious.         If our energy and observational skills are increasingly directed on-line, is there a possibility that the we overlook the key data in the real world?

I’m certainly not a Luddite. I work in a tech industry and recognise that good on-line learning can have great benefits for both employers and staff but I believe that on-line training for most topics shouldn’t blind itself with new tech. and graphics but bring the learner as much as possible back to the real world of human interaction through intelligently scripted video.


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