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June 2016


Face2Face Coaching >Interactive on-line Training

About This Project

The GSA High Impact Communication Training is a two day course that has helped staff  from many international organisations become world class communicators.

The challenge was to put the essence of this course into e-learning. It wasn’t an easy task but the resulting programme  conveys the logic, the emotions and the the drama of influence. Whether it’s a pitch to a boardroom or a presentation to a conference, the interactive module gives clear and concise guidance so that anyone can feel confident of success.

“I  had always thought it was impossible to translate a real interpersonal skills face-to-face workshop onto an on-line platform. But Adam has proved it can be done. And done well. The core skills are explained clearly and it retains a lot of the excitement and challenge of the real thing. He worked closely with me to clarify the overall philosophy as well as the detail of scripting and instructional design. He then took the director role in the film vignettes with professional actors and with his colleagues put it together as a top rate exciting programme.”  GARTH SPIERS

To access Masterclass – High Impact Communication, please contact us.