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Instructional Design


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Dynamic Training


e-learning to...

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So how can we
help you ...

... bring positive change to your

How can we help?

We work with HR Directors and Learning & Development experts to provide dynamic on-line
learning for your staff and customers. We love a new challenge so why not call us?

New to e-Learning

Ginkgo have supported many organisations that have turned to e-learning for the first time often putting aspects of face 2 face training into an interactive on-line programme.

Bespoke Training

Our experienced Instructional Designers can tailor a fully bespoke e-learning solution for your organisation’s unique requirements In consultation with your content experts.

Off-the-Shelf / Customised Templates

We have many off-the-shelf modules that can be easily tailored for your organisation especially in the areas of Equality and Diversity, Safeguarding, Bullying & Harassment, Health&Safety, etc.

Blended Learning

Face-to-face training has strengths and weaknesses as does e-learning. A judicious mix of blended learning is proven to be more effective than either f2f or on-line training.


In the last seven years we have helped some 35 organisations provide
relevant and dynamic modules for their staff and customers.

Private sector

Third sector

Public sector

About us

With 75,000+ Users and counting, Ginkgo provides engaging, effective & affordable  eLearning. We have over 30 years experience in scripting, filming and animation for corporate training. We have experience working with a wide range of organisations and often work with clients who are implementing eLearning for the first time and need to save time and money on their training. With many years of experience of scripting for the BBC and film production on four continents, Ginkgo e-Learning  has the media know-how to produce sensitive training materials that really engage users

The Ginkgo Mission

Through commitment to it’s clients Ginkgo contributes to the success of organizations by providing the training necessary for job excellence and career advancement.

The Ginkgo Philosophy

Our best work frequently comes from difficult or adverse situations. “Everyone goes through adversity in life, but what matters is how you learn from it”. Lou Holtz.

The Ginkgo Promise

We will always care as much if not more than the client about the success of our training materials.

Ginkgo Delivers On Projects

We always stick to budgets unless the client changes the brief and we always deliver on time provided the client provides scheduled feedback.


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Contact info

55 Canning Street, Metway Studios, Brighton,
East Sussex, BN2 0EF
Mobile: 07918 025061